Your Catholic Doula

Doula Services

Complimentary Consultation

A virtual or in-person consultation to see if I would be a good addition to your birth support team. Bring your questions, your excitement, your hopes, and your fears. Ask me how I can support you to achieve the birth of your dreams.

1-2 Prenatal Sessions

This is where I really get to know you; your hopes, your fears, and how I can best support you to achieve a beautiful birth. We talk about (and practice) comfort measures, relaxation techniques, birthing positions, pain management, and more. I am also available for call/text consultations throughout your pregnancy.

Labor & Birth Support

As your Birth Doula, your goals are my goals. Everything I do will be to encourage you and support you in achieving the birth you envision. I offer continuous support starting in active labor and lasting 1-2 hours after delivery. I will provide physical comfort measures, informational, emotional and spiritual support, suggestions for positional changes, and more to help you feel confident and empowered throughout your labor and delivery.

Postpartum Support

During this visit, I check in on any needs of mama and baby. This is often an opportunity for you to process your birth experience, and to ask questions if there are any memory pockets from your birth. I can also provide additional resources and suggestions to aid your healing process and support you in your role as a new mama.