Skylar O'Hanlon

      your Catholic Doula


"Skylar was a wonderful doula. She is calm, helpful and created a great atmosphere for my wife as she was laboring. She set up the room with soft lighting and essential oils that helped to calm my wife. Our birth story included me painting the ceiling all night prior to the baby arriving and my wife having back labor. I was massively tired. She was by my wife’s side the entire time and helped her by pressing on her back when I was too tired. As a husband, I greatly appreciated that she was able to jump in when I needed a break or catch a little bit of sleep. Having a doula is cheaper than divorce and better than marriage counseling!"

- Chris, father of 2.


"Skylar was exactly the catholic doula I needed before and during the birth of my first child.  As a first time mom, I was nervous to go through labor and actually deliver a baby.  Skylar came over to my home weeks before delivery to ask about what my desires are during labor including trying to go unmedicated.  She taught me techniques such as breathing through contractions and different positions to relieve pressure.  
I ended up going into labor starting at 10:30pm after a day when my husband Chris was working on our renovated kitchen and cleaning up drywall dust from the floor.  I felt intense contractions very quickly and they started to become close together within the next hour.  We called Skylar and she came to our home immediately and we decided to go to the hospital shortly after she arrived.  She was extremely flexible of my changing our plan of trying to labor at home and instead went to the hospital around midnight.  When I arrived in triage, I found out I was not as far along as I thought, only 3cm. I decided to get admitted and Skylar was right there setting up the room to look cozy and comfortable with little tea lights and string lights.  My husband did everything he could, however was exhausted and needed a break around 3-4am.  Skylar was up all night with me praying Hail Marys, pushing on my lower back for counter pressure, and encouraging me through the morning.  She was on the ground with me as I was on all fours for what felt like the majority of the night.
I held to my decision to not take the epidural.  The only way I did not change my mind was because of Skylar helping me through each and every contraction and staying focused instead of entertaining the idea of taking medication.  I did not realize it was back labor I was experiencing until I was told the baby would come out face up.  
Audrey was born in the late morning at 11:56am and Skylar helped me through two hours of pushing before my baby finally came into the world. After we initially took pictures and celebrated, Skylar quietly said goodbye and left as the three of us bonded and got some rest.  She followed up at our home and brought us a home cooked meal days later.  I cannot recommend her enough and will definitely be asking her again for her doula expertise as we are expecting again in September!" 
-Erin, mother of 2.

"Skylar was an absolutely integral part of my birth that I didn't know I needed. My husband has always been lovingly dubbed as my "doula", and after 7 pregnancies and 6 births, I figured we didn't need anything else. However, my 6th birth had a very traumatic immediate postpartum, and at 30 weeks pregnant for our 7th, we decided that looking into a doula would be a wise choice for both my husband and I as added support.
Skylar was a peaceful presence during her visit to my home to go over labor positions, preferences, pregnancy/birth history, etc. My children felt the same! I was very excited to know she would be present at the birth.
I had gestational diabetes and was delivering at a Birthing Center. I was keeping the diabetes controlled with diet and felt really good. Unfortunately, there was still the pressure to deliver at 41 weeks "at the latest". I was very distraught at this because I knew that when my body began labor, it would go smoother than if I was induced. My midwives pushed for a membrane sweep at 39 + 6 and it went well. Skylar came to meet us to walk around at a park that was close to the birthing center. She was absolutely lovely to walk the park with and was suggesting new positions to try in case it could help contractions. I made sure to try anything and everything!
Ironically, I figured my body wasn't "progressing" because my short contractions were comfortable. We headed back to the center after 2-3 hours of walking. My midwife wanted to break my water, but as soon as I saw the tool she was going to use, I felt sick. I ended up fighting down a panic attack. Induction was the last thing I had wanted, and I didn't like the idea of having so many interventions, especially when I knew my body felt prepared and capable of doing it on its own. Skylar was lovely and gave me space when needed, but continually let me know that she was there for any support I needed (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.).
My midwife suggested that I go down to a birthing room, and if I was at least 6cm, I could stay. I was 6cm! From there, it was an hour of laying with a peanut ball (first time I had used that) as Skylar reminded me to lean into the contractions, asked if I wanted a prayer app on, swapped out cold wash cloths for my head and neck, and put pressure on my lower left hip that was up. That hour was so hard and so beautiful. Having Skylar's support helped me to feel more peace, more confidence, and freed up my husband to stay face-to-face with me.
I felt my water break and not long from then, I had a contraction that gave me the urge to grunt and push. The room went into a panic to get my clothes off (ha!) and take me over to the birth tub before the next one. Once in the birth pool, I felt such peace that the baby was almost here. I stayed on my knees, thinking it would be best, and asked Skylar for the rebozo to pull on to potentially help me feel like I was helping to bear down. Once I had one or two contractions on my knees, I knew it wasn't the right position. I turned onto my back as my husband held me up in the tub. The next contraction I roared my baby out!
Skylar was present for the next few hours and made sure I had everything I needed. She felt like family in the room with us. I had a birth photographer and Skylar is in so many pictures being hands on and involved. She visited during my postpartum as well and brought me a few gifts and supplements to help me heal and regain strength. She even brought little treats for my kids! It was so thoughtful, and I absolutely enjoyed spending that hour or 2 with her in our home as she held the baby whom she helped us bring earthside. I am incredibly grateful to have had her present as my doula. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a blessing to know, and I can only hope I will snag her before anyone else for any future babies!"
- Stephanie, mother of 7